Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You?


Just like sleeping next to phones isn’t great for you, letting your dog sleep with you overnight is something that a lot of pet owners consider, but is this a good thing? Should you sleep in the same bed as your dog? This is something that people have been told to avoid for years, but new research could be changing this.

Can You Sleep With Your Dog?

For years, pet experts have said that you should not let your dog sleep in the same bed as you. The reasons for this were that it can promote poor behavior and that it can cause serious illness in humans. However, new research from Mayo Clinic has changed this idea.

The research looked at the impact of sharing your bedroom with your canine companion. It found that doing this will not negatively impact your sleeping patterns. Additionally, if you and your dog are healthy, there should be no problems with illness. Sleeping with your dog can also help you bond as you are away from them all day and need the time together.

The Behavioral Issues

Most people have been told that if they allow their dog to sleep on their bed, other behavioral issues will pop up. This is not actually the case as letting your pet onto the bed does not create behavioral problems. There is scientific evidence that shows that aggressive behavior is caused by fear and not the dog’s ability to sleep on the bed.

The biggest issue is not the behavior of the dog, but the lifestyle of their owner. If you have issues with dog hair on the furniture, you should not let your dog sleep in your bed. Additionally, if you do not like sharing your bed, letting your dog get onto it can be a problem.

There are some experts that believe that sleeping with their owners can calm dogs instead of cause behavioral problems. This is due to the fact that dogs are drawn to the scent of their owner and will feel calm when surrounded by it. It has also been found that most pets prefer sleeping on an elevated space such as a bed.

Dogs And Children Sharing Beds

A lot of children want to share their bed with their dog, and you need to consider if this is safe. It is important to note that all cases are different and some children should not be sleeping with the family pet. If your child is younger than 6, you should not let them sleep with their dog.

You should only allow your child to sleep with their pet if they have shown maturity around the dog. If your child neglects the needs of the dog or rough plays with them, you may want to hold off on allowing them to sleep together. Some dogs will become fearful if your child behaves in certain ways and you do not want a fearful dog next to your child.

If your child is older and has shown maturity around the dog, they could sleep together. However, you need to ensure that this is done safely. The child should never put the dog under the covers with them and should not sleep with the dog if either is unwell.

Health Concerns

If you and your dog are in good health, you should not have any health concerns. It is considered very rare for something to happen if you are both healthy. Of course, you will need to know what good health means for your pet.

Your dog will need to be free of ticks, fleas and other parasites. They will also need to be up to date with their vaccinations and have regular checkups by the vet.