How Are Online Mattresses Companies Able To Ship Them To Their Customers?


Selling mattresses online can be a profitable thing to do. You don’t have to pay rent for your showroom space, you don’t have to pay shop assistants, and you can keep your monthly expenses at a bare minimum to make a profit even during the low sales periods. However, there’s one thing an online mattresses shop can’t avoid, which is to ship their products to customers.

This article explains to you how these online businesses are able to ship their mattresses without problems.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there are many courier services in the market. The rise of e-commerce has led to the growth of the shipping and packaging industry. A lot of companies fight to help you ship your products, either locally and internationally.

An online mattresses store will surely find at least three of four options to have their orders shipped in time and without incidents. Of course, they will add the shipping and delivery costs to their end prices. Nonetheless, considering that they don’t have high overhead expenses, they can still offer their mattresses at very good prices while also making a profit along the way.

Some of these online mattress businesses may also have brick and mortar showrooms and a warehouse. They may also have a staff to handle their products and to take care of the shipments. This is another solution to be able to reach out to online customers. Any real-life mattresses store can develop a website with an attached shopping cart. This would enable them to reach out to clients that prefer to do all their shopping online.

Apart from all these, there are companies that embrace another business model, which is known as drop shipping, and which doesn’t handle any stocks or inventory. You can buy your mattress from a website and have it delivered by a different company, without you even being aware of this fact.

Dropshipping is the preferred choice of many small businesses that can’t pay for storage and handling. You can run your business from your desk, without having to worry about stocks and packaging. At the same time, the mattresses manufacturer will be happy to have you promote and sell their products.

They would gladly take your orders and fulfill them on your behalf. Your clients will never know that you didn’t ship the mattress they’ve ordered on your website. Should they have any post-sales issues or questions, they will get in touch with you. Furthermore, you’ll have to handle the returns and refunds. This type of deal is one of the most common practices in the e-commerce industry.

Both companies involved in this model of a partnership have their advantages. The mattress factory already has the equipment and the staff to handle, package and ship their products so that they can do that in a cost-effective manner. On the other hand, if they were to handle marketing and promotions by themselves, they would need to hire additional staff.

Now you can see how you have ordered anything you want online and have it shipped directly to your door.