HTC One M10: The next Generation Beast

The war of Android smartphone is going since past years. And it seems, every high-end brands want to overcome the sales of other brand. But there are few high-end brands that are going smooth in the market like HTC. While other brands are launching a phone every month to make their position stronger and on other hand, HTC is sticking with its plan and going smoother by launching flagship on its schedule.

HTC One M10 concept image

All big brands are worried about their total profits and sales as small brands have started eating their share, still HTC is growing in the corner silently. And if you are Android smartphone fans then you must be aware about the HTC One M series. And now the newest member of the series is HTC One M9 and later our flagship HTC One M10 would come on the shelves.

The Evolution:

HTC One smartphone debut in the 2013 March and this phone is dubbed as HTC One M7. The success of this phone was challenging for the rival companies and they started following the features, design and specifications of the phone. And now in first week of March, HTC launched HTC One M8. The HTC One series is comparable to the rivals like Samsung Galaxy S series, Apple iPhones series and Sony Xperia Z series. And in the coming years, we would see more members in the series. HTC is doing really great, its phones are now known for the metal profile phones powered with the awesome hardware.

Should you wait for the HTC One M10 or buy HTC One M9?

HTC officially unveiled the smartphone HTC One M9 in first week of March. Due to the huge number of leaks we already know most of the technical characteristics. The new HTC One codenamed One M9 is a lot like last year’s model M8. Change in appearance can be counted on the fingers of one hand: the power button has changed its location, thinner frames and the presence of a company logo on the front panel, for which HTC has not cursed just lazy.

Diagonal of the screen resolution remained same at 5 inches and 1980 x 1080 resolution (disappointment as no 2K resolution display). But the rest of the specs are fully updated. The basis is a single-chip smartphone platform Snapdragon 810, a configuration that includes an 8-core processor. In a processor has 3 GB of RAM. The amount of internal flash memory is 32 GB. There is an opportunity to expand the internal memory using memory cards microSD. For the good sound, it has pair of front stereo speakers – this time supplemented by technology support Dolby Audio.

With the release of HTC One M9 Taiwanese manufacturer has expanded color gamut of the flagship smartphones, adding to the existing dark gray and silver two-tone silver-even gold version. The most significant change has occurred on the camera. If in the previous two models HTC One used a 4-megapixel image sensors UltraPixel, sacrificing high resolution in favor of advanced features for shooting in low-light conditions, the model with the release of One M9 radically changed its strategy, setting a 20-megapixel main camera. HTC One M9 camera allows you to shoot in 4K resolution. In attempts to improve the capabilities of the smartphone to capture “selfie” in low light UltraPixel module is installed in the front of the device. The use of technology in UltraPixel Front Camera allows you to capture up to 300% more light even in poor light conditions the pictures are bright and vivid. HTC One M9, is like the previous model of the line One, will be available with a wide range of accessories, including, for example, Case HTC Dot View of the second generation, which offers a more personalized settings. But this all is not something revolutionary, and could not force you to update from HTC One M8 to new One M9, so better wait for the HTC One M10.

HTC One M10 release date:

Since the launch of first HTC One M7, HTC started collecting more profits and popularity. As stated above, the first phone debuted in the March 2013. HTC One M9 came in March 2015. Every march of the year, HTC has something to show to the world. And it is done just after the world mobile congress. And this year too, HTC is ready with our next surprise, which would be unpacked very soon.

  • HTC One / One M7 – release date, March 2013
  • HTC One M8 release date, March 2014
  • HTC One M9 release date, March 2015
  • HTC One M10 release date, early 2016?

Yes, if you look on the schedule of HTC One smartphone release date then you would definitely find coming March HTC One M9 would debut and later, in the beginning of 2016 HTC One M10 release date would be scheduled.

HTC One M10 Concept

Is there are any possibility for HTC One M10 release date in 2016?

  • Well, HTC is known for its stability and planning. The chances for early HTC One M10 release date are very less. However, the competition pressure is not only going inside the mines of HTC but also the most big brands of the time, Samsung and Apple are facing it too. Every brands want to collect more profit and if two One M consecutive smartphones could bring more profits to the HTC then definitely there would be HTC One M10 release date in December 2015.

HTC One M10 Specs and Features:

Talking about the HTC One M10 specifications at present would not make sense, as HTC One M9 specifications are just revealed. And specifications of HTC One M9 a includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset with 8-cores (4 cores 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and Quad-core 2 GHZ A57 high performance cores), 3GB RAM and fulL HD resolution 5 inches display. Moreover an interesting camera specification that includes with two 20.7 MP sensors (front) and rear 4MP (Ultrapixel camera).

HTC One M10

And now if we talk about the HTC One M10 specifications, as per the rumors it includes the 27MP dual-camera, front and rear. After the launch of HTC Desire Eye it was clear that HTC is moving with the trend silently. As already there is a trend for taking selfies, so HTC launched a selfie smartphone. And now HTC thinks that, the flagship of the year should also carry each high-end specification that could be possible for a smartphone. So, expecting a bigger camera module in the front position, then we won’t be wrong.

Next big thing could be found in the HTC M10 is the display of 4K resolution or atleast 2K resolution. The rivals Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already rumored with 4K resolution, and HTC would also like to be first. If you remember in the early 2013, as there was a new trend to opt the full HD display, HTC was very first to such brands, if you remember HTC Butterfly. So, definitely 4K-resolution display or else 2K-resolution display would be part of HTC One M10 display configuration.

As of HTC One M10 processor is concerned, you must know HTC only incorporated the powerful snapdragon chipset and for the smartphone of early 2016, there would be Qualcomm 820 / 82X chipset that are going through the testing and early sample manufacturing stage. However, there is no clue from the Qualcomm the chip giant.

  • Processor – Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-core HMP cyclone technology (6 instruction per cycle capability)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB / 128GB on-board memory solution
  • Dual-SIM support (Nano-version)
  • 27MP front and rear sensor camera with phase detection Auto-focus technology
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • 5 inches 4K / 2K resolution display
  • New design
  • Two Stereo speakers (powerful)
  • Waterproof and dustproof certification
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Touch ID scanner (fingerprint)

HTC One M10 price:

HTC One M10 price would be in the range of 650$ to 800$. The flagship would not come in the cheaper price, as you can see the above specification would increase the production cost and the final product will also be expensive. But the same price people are paying since the 2013 for a flagship, so wouldn’t be a big deal. If you don’t know the smartphone Google Pixel 2 was manufactured by HTC, and now it looks like the Google Pixel 3 might also be manufactured by HTC.

The Verdict:

Talking about HTC upcoming smartphone is never early, however the journey for the release of HTC One M10 is bigger but it would be covered with several leaks coming in the few weeks or months, so you just need to subscribe with us and every HTC One M10 news would reaches to your inbox. Also, we would be uploading the HTC One M10 concept images very soon. We would care for you, and as you know sharing is caring, so do like / share us on FaceBook, Twitter and share us on Google Plus.

109 thoughts on “HTC One M10: The next Generation Beast

  1. The last sentence in ”Should you wait for the HTC One M10 or buy HTC One M9?”

    ”But this all is not something revolutionary, and could not force you to update from HTC One M8 to new One M9, so better wait for the HTC One M9.”

    Don’t you mean better wait for the HTC One M10?

      1. The Android 5.1 release with carrier improvements have drastically improved the camera of the phone. For the last few days… i no longer see anything that was presented as BAD since the release of the phone. HTC’s problem was Terrible camera software engineers. It seems some changes were made or the horrible programers were sent to take a few classes and polish up their skills.

        1. The ultra pixel camera was awesome. It took much better pictures the the galaxy s5 and the iPhone !! A lot of people are under the false impression that more MEGAPIXELS means bete images, this is not true !! It’s the quality or size of the pixel, and the sensors, and lens that matter ! Unless your blowing an image up to poster size you don’t need a lot of mp’s. It’s funny because the a lot of phones resolveion is over kill. To print out a 6×9 picture you only need like 2.5mp’s or some shit, and posting pictures on Facebook ect…. The images are downsized because they are to big. When I post images on facbook the images look better then other phones because the ultra pixels cameras images do not have to be downsized as much. I have looked up comparison pictures of he HTC one m8 and the galaxy s5 and the iPhone 6 and they are always bias reviews. I have compared my phones camera to my gf’s s5 and her d@ iPhone 6 camera and my phone takes much better images and they look more 3 dimensional, while theirs look flat and lifeless and always have a yellowish tint. if HTC would perfect the ultra pixel duo camera And maybe take it up to 12 mp, it would be the best camera phone on the market !! You only need 8mp’s to shoot in 4k.

        2. HTC is one of the last truly innovative phone makers out there. HTC’s innovation and ideas can be found on most of the phones on the market, from their front facing speakers, 5mp front facing camera, all metal body design, ect… The iPhone 6 even copied the exact metal body design, The exact stripes where the antenna is on the back, the long slim body shape for easy one handed use ect.. a lot of people give HTC shit for having a 1080 resolution display screen, wtf do you need a 2k display for on a 5″ phone and honestly what are you going to watch in 2k on your phone ?? Also the 2k or 4k display isn’t worth the performance and battery cost !! Just look a the LG G3 it had a 2k screen and it came at a cost of battery life and performance issues !! Also a lot of people have HTC shit for the ultra pixel duo camera which was better then iPhone 6 and Samsung s5 cameras. I have pictures of my htc one m8 side by side to the iPhone and Samsung phones with the same images taken with the cameras and the HTC look far better !! But the thing is after all the negative reviews of the ultra pixel camera, Samsung and Apple both patented VERY similar ideas to HTC’s ultra pixel duo camera !! HTC isn’t like other phone makers who cram a bunch of junk into their phones, and using up most of the internal storage before ou even take the phone out of the box. HTC sticks to a fairly simple layout but makes everything run well and operate well !! Also the HTC one series phones can be made to operate much faster and smoother and just about as fluid as the iphone. If you go to “settings” and go to “ABOUT”, and click on “build #” (7 times) , you will get a new option in the settings for “developer options”. Inside developer options you can click “maximaze your cpu performance” making your phone MUCH faster. But if you go to the bottom of the “developer settings” and click on “advanced”, then check , “force gpu rendering” which will make your phone more fluid, click “force 4x’s msaa” which will make your graphics sharper and more crisp. Then go to all your “animation settings” (their should be 3 animation settings set at 1 by default) and change them from 1 down to (.5) this will make your phone MUCH faster , smoother and more fluid. It takes about 5 minutes for it all to start working. I also lowers my background processes to 3, to prevent a bunch of background applications from running in the background and using all my ram, and slowing my phone down. By doing this your phone will amazing !!

          1. HTC SUCKS!!! iPhone SUCKS!!! All other phones SUCKS!!! Only SAMSUNG is the best phone in the world!!! Nothing else!!! The reviews, the sales, the specifications, everything about Samsung shows it all!!! If you do not agree with this, either you are ignorant, a skeptic, or born yesterday!!!

          2. Amizing info i didnt know all of that i only use HtC since the first day i started holding a phone my first htc was incradeble S it was amaizing know i have Htc desire 616 and i want to sell it and buy a new one if u give an advice ill be thankful my budjet is 300$ only thanks for the advice

      1. Agreed that 5.0″ is puny nowadays. Size does matter. Current and happy with the M8 and will not even remotely consider the M9. If the M 10 is less than 5.8″ I will continue to use the M8 until such time when the Huawei Mate 8/ Nexus 6P drops onto my lap. Finally HTC ought to employ writers of non broken English. No easy task. Having said all that, the
        M8 is certainly very likeable indeed even if it should have been $150 cheaper at the very least.

  2. I’m currently running on the m7 already done with my contract but months after buying it the m8 came out, I loved my phone but few flaws I disliked and made me regret not switching too a galaxy. After reviewing the m8 I wasn’t too satisfied even after being able too upgrade so I continued too wait. Now that the m9 is out I’m really looking forward too getting this one, upgrading everything these phones need from longer battery life, better camera, better feel etc…. I’ve yet too purchase it but I came across a leak of the m10 coming out already! And the m9 jus got released, I’ve waited two years I can.wait another one. Much worth the wait for the ultimate smartphone! Shoot people are still using iPhone 4, iPhone 5 which are horrible in my taste so we’re still ahead with our m7,m8`s and m9. Thank you for the leak! I’m buying that m10

    1. Exactly the same situation here !
      Want to upgrade but M8/M9 are just not good enough as per the standards set by M7 in 2013.

  3. i don’t get why people are unhappy with the HTC one M9 . it has undoubtedly the best speakers , design and android skin(Sense) . it also has the best gpu (comparing with iphone 6/6+ and galaxy s6 and Lg G4) the cpu , Snapdragon 810 is snappy and powerful as well. I know , the camera has goofed up a bit due to low dynamic range , but thats only one negative. (reducing iso and using hdr mode improve camera quality .) the phone does not overheat at all , i play fullhd games on it and it rocks like a monster.

    if you say that m9 looks too similar to m8 and m7 , well you are right and thats why its good, HTC has attained a perfect design with the speakers in front and a complete metal body. there is no reason to say it is a bad phone, infact it is a brilliant phone.

  4. HTC Should make Another MAX version which could be the HTC ONE M10 MAX.

    The MAX version should be a 6″ ONE.

    Also, put a Front Facing Flash for taking Selfies in Dark Low Light Situations.

    And make the Phone a True WORLD Phone that Works on ALL Networks.

  5. Htc is the best I think because it has so many features then anymore phone firs it was the designer of Apple but now htc is an expert

    1. HTC is on the brink of oblivion shooting blinds of desperation in all directions (Mobiles, pads, now a dead-expensive humungous VR headset); after paying its dues for breaching patents with pretty much all industry’s bigs, it is a ‘me too’ company.

      Why buy a sitting duck when one can settle for the best: iPhone or Samsung.

  6. The most worst thing I don’t like about HTC handsets is the HTC logo and I will be very thankfull to HTC if HTC is launching One M10 with dual SIMs

  7. my mobile phone right now is nokia E7-00 and i’m thinking to buy a new phone after in august but my problem idk if i should choose this m9 or the galaxy s6 or should i wait for m10 as u can see my phone is like 4 years old so both of these phones will be a huge upgrade for me so what do u think i should do thanks..

  8. I am faithful to HTC !! ………….. I have the m8 now and will skip over the m9 and wait on the m10. HTC’s are just different, and “not everybody has one” — And I like that. The front-facing stereo speakers have become iconic of the HTC one series and can’t be beat. I thought about upgrading to the m9, but battery reviews are not good, and it still lags behind the other top-tier manufacturers in the camera department. HTC looks committed to upgrading in both of these areas with the release of the m10, or so it appears, and a fingerprint sensor would be icing on the cake.

    I look forward to the m10 ———- If you have the m8, keep it and wait for the m10 !!

    1. Well said, I also like to have what others don’t. I have an M8 and I’m definitely waiting for the M10. They can have their apples and samsungs! #teamHTC

    2. Just to add M9 has one asian version M9+ which uses qualcomm octacore, believe me its a beast, antu showed 5th rank but after getting updates its No.1.Iam a proud owner, yes it has its down side camera a little weaker then Latest samsung edge and batterry should have been more poweful, but after every updates it feels more powerful and feature packed. Htc phones are bit tough to root, unless you are a real power user I wouldnt recommend rooting. One ting i would like htc to pay attention and I am first to discuss about it and have done well research on it, the problem is the front speaker which also acts as call speaker, you get sound from the extreme left side of the speaker, so when you hear a call from right ear it will sound louder coz the left portion directly points towards ear hole, but when taking calls from left the left portion of the speaker slids down to lower portion of ear hole when you hold phone normally, things gets worse if you wear heavy frame spectacles, you have to slide headset more towards upside so the left portion of speaker (from where sound actually comes out) to be parallel to ear hole. I know its bit confusing but ill tell you thats actually thr biggest problem of this headset. I hope hTc reads this and fix this flaw in M10 model.

  9. Why so many users want the 2k resolution on a 5 inches display?
    The current resolution is more than enough for our eyes at more than 10 cm of distance between the screen and the user and if they double the number of pixel there will be no tangible change, rather than more battery consumption.

    1. Precisely!
      Why the hell would you want more than 1080p on a small screen like that? And why make it bigger??
      I think M7 is by far the best model they’ve done yet when it comes to size and look! A 4,7”@1080p screen is in my opinion the perfect smart phone size. A slimmed M7 with new hardware (incl. the new battery technology that’s coming 2016) would kick ass! Just look at the sales of iPhone 6 and 6 plus – the 6 sells more than 6 plus and if I had to choose (I wouldn’t but for arguments sake) I would take the 4,7” without a heartbeat – even if it hasn´t got 1080p (more close to 720p). The 4,7” screen is better for one hand use as well.

  10. I hope the m10 comes this year i love the HTC ones cant wait so long

    HTC please bring it on this year <3

  11. I recently got my M8 with a 2 year contract. 2 Months after getting it, the M9 came out which disappointed me a little bit, but after checking the specs and camera reviews i realised that it was not so bad after all.

    My first Smartphone was a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which broke within a week due to fragile construction (and a little unhandyness from me ofcourse).
    I then bought a HTC Desire HD which i really LOVED! I rooted it, installed a custom rom and overclocked it to 1.6GHz back in the time. With the right CPU Governor i could still easily make it over a day on a single charge.

    When i was done with my contract that time i got the Galaxy Note, which i really loved for its flexibility and it’s features, and ofcourse its big screen.
    Had it for a little more than 2 years when it eventually died on me.
    I then had a old nokia for a short period because i couldn’t make up my mind about what phone to get. When i got a new contract, i decided to go with the M8 which i never ever regretted.

    I rooted it, installed Leedroid and removed all the bloatware.
    Battery lasts for about 2 days on normale usage, and it’s fast as hell!
    The Desire HD i had back in the days belongs to my little brother after my mother got a galaxy ace (i initially gave it to her back in the days when i got my Note), and it still runs fine for what he does with it.

    Only problem with the Desire HD now is that most apps arent compatible due to lack of hardware performance. But it still runs like a charm on the custom rom i installed back then.

    No other phone has lasted more than 3 years with me, exept the HTC Desire HD, which shows the quality of this awesome brand.

    Yesterday i received the Galaxy S6 64GB for the contract extension i got for my daughter which prefers her iPhone4. I used it for 30 minutes only to find out that it’s a HORRIBLE device. Now it’s ready to be shipped back to my provider. I’ll be using and loving my M8 until the M10 comes out so i can pass the m8 on to my daughter to use.

    HTC, you’re the best. Love your quality, love your interface and i love your Developement flexibility. Also, the fact that you allow your customers to root their devices as long as no hardware tweaks are made is what really does it for me. YOU’RE THE BEST!

  12. M9 Sin duda un terminal genial, ya estoy impaciente por que el M10 sea una realidad y claro nos de muchas sorpresas positivas!

  13. Im not a Samsung fan but I believe Samsung is winning only because of its amoled screens. If the One series were amoled it would be a perfect phone. HTC never disappoints with its designs. Its screen has kept me from purchasing a One phone. People prefer amoled over lcd. Period. The Sharp Aquous should inspire the M10. Imagine that metal with higher specs. Off topic but anyone remembers the HTC Legend or the HTC G2? Both metal with some type of amoled display. Imagine those updated and thinner higher specs obviously. I kinda miss physical keyboards. More sophisticated.

    1. Interesting comment. I think if the amoled screen was the only reason Samsung where winning. We would all have i-phones. I was taken by the screen on the Note 2 and upgraded to the Note 3 from it. I am not interested in the Note 4 or 5. There isn’t enough difference between the 3 and 4 to justify spending another $700 and the Note 5? Well lets just say the removal of the SD Card and replaceable battery to my reckoning is a retarded move and probably an attempt to win over some apple users. There are still a few questions to be answered with the release of the HTC One M10. What will they be using for that 4/2k screen? My Note 3 has a 2k Screen and is one of the most advanced amoleds Samsung have developed. Since HTC have used amoled in the past. Who is to say they won’t do it again with the M10 in order to compete. To be honest. If HTC release the M10 with a 2 or 4k amoled screen and a Windows10 version. I am definitely sold.

  14. The killer for the M9 for me was the terrible reviews of the camera vs the iPhone 6. The fact that the resolution looks set to go up for the M10 is a bad sign for me as the increase on the M9 vs iPhone didn’t result in better resolution. I’d rather HTC focused on quality than fall foul of the usual hype around numbers

    1. You are right, nobody talks about quality you dont even get relevent results when search google with “quality smart phones” htc means good quality hardware, hope they maintain and raise quality hardware & software in upcoming models.

  15. How about the notification LED? is it bigger then the stupid small thingy on the M9? As big as samsung has it for example?

  16. I too am still using my M7, which I have had since April 2013, and which still works quite well. However, it appears to be slowing down, and needs constant resets.
    I have tried the 3 Samsung phones but do not like them and do not want to have to move to an I-phone.
    I would appreciate some indication of when the M10 / O2 is likely to be available in the UK. Mobiles are quite expensive items, and I am reluctant to buy an M8 which is already getting towards its sell-by date, or M9 which does not seem to be a great improvement on the M7. Guess there must be many others in the same position.

    1. Hi-

      I have had about 4 M7’s and I think it is one of those truly good phones that seem to come every few generations. i would just buy another refurb M7 and see what the M10 brings. that is what I did.

  17. I’ve been an HTC user since the Diamond generation.
    This is the first year i’ve decided to move to Apple, just as an experience of a different phone, but what a bad decision that was. Crappy phone, Crappy OS, just a total depasse experience.

    Im surely going to go for the M10 when it launches.

  18. 1. Bring the charging port back to the side as with the HTC EVO LTE!!
    a) I want Landscape Docking/Charging again!! :(
    b) Charging when mobile in the car using the cup holder is very awkward now and will kill the port in due time
    2. Move Headphone Jack away from the bottom!! What’s the thought processes here?? IR blaster in the way? Shrink it, no one uses it and it doesn’t need to be that large! Lol… common….
    3. Move the Power button to the rear of the phone so index finger can actuate (think LG G3)
    4. Ironic real estate issues on this phone regarding the logo placement and screen not being edge-to-edge.
    5. incorporate a kickstand as with the HTC EVO LTE, it’s sturdy, aluminum, sooooooooooo handy, and blows ppl’s minds when you show them media using the landscape mode. Loved this about HTC and is what set them apart, what happened here?? HTC shouldn’t copy other designs to a fault, but improve on others’ designs as they have done – so well!! Keep your innovations HTC, you rock for those GREAT ideas.
    6. Minor, but noticeable…. If you have this amazing body on the rear, please match those two speaker grills accordingly. They’re not the same material and it shows :)

    Other than these items guys… this phone is the BEST ever made!

  19. Will we lose the dot cover on the M10? I hope there is significant improvement in the camera software. I am a using the M8, great phone. Hope the M10 has finger print or retina scan. What is the battery life like on the M10, probably the best improvement needed for any phone

  20. I love htc, was going to upgrade when my contract ends next month. I am really thinking about waiting on the M10. I would hate to buy the m9 and then the new one is released.

  21. My M9 has broke twice – once was the gyro, second time the speakers stopped working intermittently, and the gyro again. Each time i go back to using my old M7 and wonder if the M9 is that much better than the M7 which is 2 years older. im considering going over to the dark side if the M10 hasnt made vast improvements!

    1. I just went over to the darkside after having the first ever HTC One phone. It was still going strong but I just wanted something new and decided to try iPhone. I got it and really don’t like it compared to my HTC. Which is why I’m on here researching the new HTC. I’m thinking about taking the iPhone back, re-activating my HTC One and waiting on the M10 when it comes out. Moral of the story… don’t go over to iPhone if you like what you’ve got with your HTC. All of the little gimmicky things that Apple promotes you don’t end up using anyways.

  22. Anyone who wants to make their HTC one weird phone run crazy fast, smooth and fluid , follow the directions I wrote in my super long post lol. When in developer options the “maximaize cpu performance”, will make yr phone faster but it will come at a cost of battery life draining slightly faster. So I just leave the “maximize cpu performance” option alone.

  23. I currently have the HTC One ME. I use to have the M8, best device ever with Mike’s customised ROM “Revolution”. I like the Dual Sim on the One ME, and the fingerprint scanner. However, there are no custom roms for this device and it is very slow compared to my customised M8. I’m really looking forward to the M10 and if it has the specs as mentioned above, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat, price doesn’t matter.

  24. For the m10 make the finger print where it says HTC don’t put a button there. Just let it say HTC but it should be like a soft touch button for finger print only.

  25. Please provide great camera which am so exited about I am defently leaving my iPhone 6 plus for the HTC One M10 this is the moment I been waiting for now I can have a great device louder speakers and download free music without having to pay and great pictures and memory oh yes can’t wait

  26. I still have m7 because neither m8 or m9 impressed me with design. m8 has too rounded corners and m9 has something wrong on the ages, some gaps that I didn’t like. Do not know what to expect from m10. The only one thing I dislike in m7 is camera and it’s old battery. So for me the ideal m10 would be the same as m7 design with camera from m8 or m9 :)

  27. I still have m7 because neither m8 or m9 impressed me with design. m8 has too rounded corners and m9 has something wrong on the ages, some gaps that I didn’t like. Do not know what to expect from m10. The only one thing I dislike in m7 is camera and it’s old battery. So for me the ideal m10 would be the same as m7 design with camera from m8 or m9 and good battery life :)

  28. A launch date of December 2015 would be very awesome especially since I have the M8. With the newer version being released right around the corner, why would I just step up to M9 when I can have better? Bring on the beast in December!!! I want to buy myself a Christmas present lol I’m HTC loyal

  29. The Android 5.1 release with carrier improvements have drastically improved the camera of the phone. For the last few days… i no longer see anything that was presented as BAD since the release of the phone. HTC’s problem was Terrible camera software engineers. It seems some changes were made or the horrible programers were sent to take a few classes and polish up their skills.

  30. Hope it has a longer USB cord for charging an it has a HDMI slot. Keep the gun metal but add colors I’m waiting on the one m10.

  31. I really hope they do a Windows10 version of this phone. Having said that I will still get it if it’s only available with android. I currently have a Galaxy note3 which is pretty good and out of contract however. I see no benefit in tying my self to another 2 year contract with the Note4 and the decision to remove the replaceable battery and Micro SD card on the Note5 is sending Samsung in the opposite direction to HTC and leaves nothing to interest me there either.

  32. I have the HTC one. I have had it since they came out. Very happy with it. Since I am getting a little older the only think I would request would be just a little bigger screen. Of course it would be nice if they made cases in a few different colors. Doe a while most of the household had the same phone and with the black case, they all looked alike. Definitely am interested in the waterproof case or cover. That sounds exciting too. Just waiting for the M10 to come out, and hope it doesn’t upgrade from Dec to March. I only want to do this one time. Hopefully for Christmas !

  33. HTC has made some groundbreaking phones in the past starting with the Desire and then the One M7 which i now currently use and has been good for the past 2 years.
    I am looking to upgrade soon and the M8 and M9 just seem to be a generation behind the competition and by a generation I mean 6-12 months which is a long time in today’s smartphone development.
    Going on past form by the time the M10 comes out at a premium price similar phones like the Sony Z5 and Samsung S6 will be selling at a discount so it will be hard to justify remaining with HTC simply for loyalty’s sake.
    Sorry HTC you have served us well with some great designs in the past but i’m afraid it’s game over.

  34. I guess M10 (or O2), the next flagship, will be available by next April. My assumption is …. Qualcomm SnapDragon may be launched by end of this year, and Mobile phone companies start to announce/introduce the next gen by Jan or Feb 2016. New phones shall be available by March or April … HTC/LG/Samsung/XiaoMi may all release next gen products in the same time frame. Sony may be a bit later than its competitors only because it’s Sony we are talking about.

  35. Well …I hope they Have M10 as good as Perfect 10….I used to have HTC One…it was a bit of disappointment…due to early year technology ….however over the years I waiting for a Phone from HTC to match the market…after so many review …I hope M10 is something Difference and Better then the current market….I awaits for you …(Please be Android)

  36. Does this site ever update? What are the curent rumors now? I’ve read somewhere that the first M10 (or whatever it will be called) will be a bigger than 5” phone with the 5” version coming at a later date.

    My dream M10 would be as follows:

    Some good processor
    5 inches
    Full HD display (bright amoled)
    water and dustproof
    wireless charging
    big battery
    front facing stereo speakers with SRS (or even dolby)
    <= 64GB storage

    1. Almost forgot.

      please htc, make it that music (streamed music like with the app) is not interrupted when taking a picture. It is just utterly annoying.

  37. I don’t care if it’s named M10, A10 or E10.
    Give us the specs as mentioned above and HTC is running up again.
    I’ve added some extras for some inspiration:
    ◾Processor – Qualcomm 82x with 3.X GHz Octa-core HMP cyclone technology (6 instruction per cycle capability)
    ◾4GB RAM
    ◾64GB / 128GB on-board memory solution
    ◾Dual-SIM support (Nano-version)
    ◾27MP front and rear sensor camera with phase detection Auto-focus technology STEADY SHOT, PANORAMAVIEW,
    ◾3800 mAh battery REMOVABLE PLEASE!
    ◾5″ – 5,5″ and 6″ 4K resolution display 16:9 RATIO!
    ◾Two Stereo speakers (powerful) HIFI STEREO, DOLBY
    ◾Waterproof and dustproof certification
    ◾Heart rate sensor
    ◾Touch ID scanner (fingerprint)
    ◾Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
    ◾Fast battery charging: 75% in 30 min (Quick Charge 2.0)
    ◾FM radio

    HTC go for it. Sweep the world of it’s feet and blow us away with a new standard.

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    Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this website.
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  39. Rumoured spec:-

    Processor – Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-core HMP cyclone technology (6 instruction per cycle capability)
    4GB RAM
    64GB / 128GB on-board memory solution
    Dual-SIM support (Nano-version)
    27MP front and rear sensor camera with phase detection Auto-focus technology
    3500 mAh battery
    5 inches 4K / 2K resolution display
    New design
    Two Stereo speakers (powerful)
    Waterproof and dustproof certification
    Heart rate sensor
    Touch ID scanner (fingerprint)

    My take on certain aspects of the rumours.

    4K screen unnecessary for a 5 inch screen.
    27 megapixel camera is pointless.
    Need a better camera sensor,functions and settings not more megapixels.
    A camera that takes good quality photos and video quickly in all types of light and a decent flash
    Yes need powerful speakers, front facing still my preference.
    Yes good battery is a must with energy saving features.

    The phone has to perform all functions well not be a design break though that performs poorly.

  40. Very glad I stumbled on this page. Nice to know I am not alone. Have been an HTC user since the Hero. I still think the M7 was the best phone I’ve ever had. Unfortunately I dropped it and screen was destroyed. Sadly the M8 had come out and could not find a new M7 to buy anywhere. I did get M8 have thoroughly enjoyed without complaint. Put off the M9 , waiting for the next model. The A9 was thinner and lighter but I wanted a physically smaller device. Basically the size of the M7. I have to admit that Apple hit my sweet spot with the size and feel of the 6s. So I took a shot . Yes it does feel good in the hand but that’s all its got. I have had it for 10 miserable days now. I’m going back to the store to give it back and get the M9. I will never understand what the appleholics see in these phones. All the things I took for granted on my HTC were gone. Apple is simply take it or leave it. You get absolutely no choice about anything. They have complete control. No shortcuts, no widgets. Not the slightest option to even remotely personalize. Worst of all no sense. Without a doubt, the smoothest, most user friendly interface of any brand. Something as simple as HTC keyboard cursor arrows which I can’t believe I have not seen on any other brand are hard to live without for me. You must have incredible aim with your finger or delete in some cases alot of words to make a simple correction or change. I could go on forever on all the things Apple just won’t let you do. It effects everything you do on your device. I finally learned the hard way that it’s not your phone. It’s Apples phone and you pay them for the privilege of using it. As far as the user experience, they could care less. Take or leave it. My one issue with not just HTC, all the Android phone makers is ignoring an entire segment of the market. There are many like myself that don’t want a huge device. Why they don’t see that they are forcing many to go to the dark side because none are making an M7 sized device. I hope it’s HTC that gets it because it would be a tremendous boost to sales. I can’t help it, I guess HTC is my home team. Don’t they see how many millions of iPhone sixes are being sold and many just because of size and feel. Anyway I can’t wait for the M10. So far no word as to when it will be available and many rumors about it being a 5.5 – 6″ phone. Too big for me. So I guess it will be the M9. Can’t wait for the Apple nightmare to be over.

    1. How about the Sony Z5 compact?
      Just traded up from M7 to the Z5 and I love it.
      Even installed blinkered on it and works like a treat.

    2. Moved from M7 to LG G4. Absolutely no going back, although Sense is missed. First time I’ve used a phone without a cover – the leather back is superb! Camera is second to none – add in Cinema 4K app and you get full manual control over video too. In low light video shoots, it blows my £3K professional video camera into the weeds. *GUTTED*

  41. I have used almost all one series, i am using M9+ which is the best i have ever used.
    Hope that the M10 display glass will be much strong & it would be better if it comes with scratch proof resistance & a good battery life. normally HTC will be getting over heated if it is used continuously for more than a hour. Please give it a good & useful battery. Waiting for M10. apart from that need little brightness with regard to display(not camera, its as best in taking pics) samsung & Iphone gives much brightness then this when if it turned to 0 level brightness., rest everything is awesome in HTC.. I am loving it :P..:) :)……..

  42. Thanks for the heads up on the Z5 compact. Have read much about it. For the most part very positive reviews. Most impressive to me is Sony ( unfortunately not HTC) realized there is a large market segment of Android users that does not want a large device. At the same time want the flagship specs. With the exception of some battery size, that’s pretty much what they have done. Do you know where I can buy one as none of the carriers are selling Sony. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere. The last thing I would want is to get an Apple. Tried once and it was pure torture. Apple gives the user NO choice. It’s a take or leave it attitude. I will never get the appleholics. They claim it does everything so well, but it doesn’t do anything . Well I guess there has to be something for those that don’t want to use their brains for anything

  43. I have an m9 and it is a great phone the only thing is the internet speed needs to be improved. My partner has Samsung s5 and we both on the exact same plan and we have had competitions when put and about who can get the information first. His phone always wins. I’m seriously considering converting except I have always been a HTC person.

  44. Was going to upgrade to the M9 from my current M8 but I saw rumors of this!
    I just hope its not bigger than the M8/9 or I and i’m sure many others wont be buying one.

  45. I have htc one m8 nd i am huge fan of htc, htc one m8 was the best phone ever but last year samsung galaxy s6 edge won in the opening apps competition,please change processor in htc one m10

  46. Well as I feared and for the exact reason I would not buy the M8 or M9,, my M7 finally gave out, the battery swelled up and burst, it broke the digitizer and popped it free of the case,,, had this battery been removable this wouldn’t have happened,, that is why I’m writing this on a Samsung S5,,, I will not ever again have a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery,, I don’t care if it’s a million dollar phone and they give it to me for free… people stop buying into this bull of fixed batteries,, if the phone doesn’t have a sd card for expanding memory AND a removable battery, let them keep it! Eventually these Co’s are gonna get the msg, when no one buys the garbage they’re trying to sell… They’ll either give us back the removable battery or go out of business,, look at Samsung, look at the hit they took on the s6 all because they followed htc’s lead using a fixed battery!

  47. I can’t wait for the release of the HTC One M10, I’m very excited as I’ve had the M7 and upgraded to the M8 and I’ve been waiting patiently for the M10. I’ve used Apple, Samsung & Sony over the years and by far I would choose HTC any day :)

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